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HESD Tipline

School Safety Tip Line
A school safety Tip Line is provided for students and parents to report issues that affect education or safety. 
Please call or go online to report: bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination, hacking, cyber crimes, suspicious behavior, theft, threats (bomb, physical, other), vandalism, violence, weapons, and dangerous objects.
The School Safety Tip Line does not take the place of reporting an event that warrants the attention of the police department.
If possible, please leave your name and phone number so we may contact you, if needed.  If you want to remain anonymous, we will keep all information provided on this line in strict confidence, unless required to disclose by law or for safety reasons.

It's Easy & Confidential!
Call or report online the issues that affect you and your safety at school
Fill out the Form or Call 559.585.3696 

24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week!