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Hanford Elementary School District (“HESD”), in cooperation with the California Medicaid Program, is involved in a program that allows the District to be reimbursed with federal Medi-Cal dollars for selected services provided to students. These services are being provided to students whether or not the parent/guardian agrees to allow the District to seek reimbursement. Your child’s current Medi-Cal or insurance coverage, if applicable, will not be affected by this program, nor the services your child receives at school.  

The District is required to provide you with your rights and protections when a public agency seeks to access your child’s public benefits or insurance.  

This is a brief description of your rights and protections:

34 CFR 300.154(d) (1)

  • District may use reimbursement funds to pay for required services as permitted.

34 CFR 300.154(d) (2) (i-iii)

  • The District may not require children/families to sign up for Medi-Cal or insurance programs.
  • The District may not require parents to incur any out-of-pocket expense.
  • The District may not use a child’s benefits if it will alter or affect the child’s benefits
  • 34 CFR 300.154(d) (2) (v)
  •  The public agency will notify parents in writing, annually, and will obtain one-time written consent before accessing the child’s or parent’s public benefits or insurance to pay for services under the Individual Disability Education Act.

34 CFR 300.154(e) (ii)

  • Parents have the right to refuse to allow the District to seek reimbursement. The District must still provide the required services at no cost to the parent.
  • Parents/Guardians have the right to withdraw consent for the District to disclose their child’s personal identifiable information for Medi-Cal purposes at any time. 

Medi-Cal Renewal

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