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Board of Trustees

All HESD Board Members Hold CSBA Masters in Governance Certificates

Trustees Robert "Bobby" Garcia, Jeff Garner, Lupe Hernandez, Tim Revious and Greg Strickland along with Superintendent Joy Gabler have all received the Masters in Governance certificate from the California School Boards Association. The Masters in Governance (MIG) “certificate symbolizes a profound commitment to learning, leadership and sound governance,” said former CSBA President and MIG graduate Susan Henry. “The Masters in Governance program provides board members and superintendents with the tools, the skills, and the perspective to govern in a way that can better serve California’s students.”

 The MIG certificate is awarded after 35 hours of intensive training on the role of the governance team in setting the direction of the district, student learning and achievement, school finance and facilities, human resources, setting policy, collective bargaining, and community leadership. The Hanford Elementary School District Board of Trustees strongly believe the training they received is a foundational building block for effective governance.