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School Plans for Student Achievement (School Plans)

School Plans for Student Achievement

Below are the school plans for each of the schools in the Hanford Elementary School District.  The school plans below are for the 2023-2024 school year and were originally approved by the HESD Board of Trustees on May 24, 2023.

Included with each school plan (shown in a separate link) is the Evidence-Based Title I Funded Program Evaluation. This document is a review of the implementation and effectiveness of the previous school year's plan (the 2022-2023 school plan).

Single Plans for School Achievement (School Plans)

Hamilton School Plan                                            Hamilton Evidence Based Evaluation
Jefferson School Plan                                            Jefferson Evidence Based Evaluation
King School Plan                                                       King Evidence Based Evaluation
Lincoln School Plan                                                 Lincoln Evidence Based Evaluation
Monroe School Plan                                               Monroe Evidence Based Evaluation
Richmond School Plan                                          Richmond Evidence Based Evaluation
Roosevelt School Plan                                          Roosevelt Evidence Based Evaluation
Simas School Plan                                                   Simas Evidence Based Evaluation
Washington School Plan                                    Washington Evidence Based Evaluation
Kennedy School Plan                                            Kennedy Evidence Based Evaluation
Wilson School Plan                                                Wilson Evidence Based Evaluation