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Request for Special Education Records

Records can be requested by legal parent/guardian, or non-conserved students who are 18 years of age or older. If the student is over 18 years of age, we require the student's consent prior to the release of records.

A photo ID must be presented for release of records. You can upload a copy with this request.

For conserved students, a copy of the conservator paperwork can also be uploaded to support your legal authority for the request.


Pursuant to sections 300.624 and 303.416 of Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Hanford Elementary School District hereby provides notification of the intent to destroy special education student records. Every June, Hanford Elementary destroys special education records that are no longer useful to the district. These special education records are educational records of students who have promoted from the District, exited from special education, or not attended school in the District five (5) years prior to the date of destruction.

Prior to this destruction, you may want to request a copy of your educational records, or as a conservator, the educational records of a conserved person, for future employment, education, insurance, or public benefits purposes. A written request for a copy of special education records can be made using this form before June. You can direct any questions to the Office of Special Services at (559) 585-3617.

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Please note that copies of special education records can take up to 5 business days to process. The Special Education Department will notify you when records are ready. Records requests are processed in accordance with Education Codes 49069, 49061

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