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Teacher Induction Overview

HESD Teacher Induction is a mentoring-based, inquiry driven program that serves HESD employees.  As outlined in SB2042, Teacher Induction is now the pathway to a Professional Clear Credential.  HESD Training, Induction & Professional Support is designed to support beginning teachers who have finished their credentialing program and have applied for, or currently hold, a preliminary Multiple Subject, Education Specialist, or Single Subject Credential.  Our staff is dedicated to providing induction for teachers who hold or are working toward clearing these credentials.  Any HESD teacher who holds a preliminary credential is eligible and admitted to our program.

The program is designed to be a two-year induction into the teaching profession, but with the flexibility to individualize the program to teachers' needs.  For teachers who are experienced, there is an Early Completion Option that can be applied for. Please contact the Induction Office at (559) 585-3661 for more information about the Early Completion Option.


Administrative Program Overview

The Hanford Elementary School District CASC program offers a job-embedded, site-based, individualized coaching program as an approved pathway for clearing the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.  The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) authorized the completion of an approved Clear Administrative Services Credential Induction Programas the only option for completing the Professional Administrative Services Credential, effective July 1, 2015.

Certification of the completion of all training requirements is accomplished through a two-year program that includes one-on one coaching with a skilled administrator, an individualized induction learning plan, professional learning, as well as a culminating portfolio representing two years of leadership development as an instructional leader based upon the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).